Making a better cable

That "curly-fries"-cable the Takstar Pro 80 comes with was my single biggest grief, so like so many times before I looked to the trusty Cat5e cable we have all come to trust to serve us data. First step is actually getting the single wires out of the outer sleeve.
Remember to get PLENTY of wire since it is just so annoying ending up with only 1 meter of finished with because you forgot it shortens when you twist it!

I got a nice length of wire for this.

As the wire for the right cup will have to be routed from the left cup via the headband I made the twisted pair wire for the right cup about 1m longer than the twisted pair wire for the left cup.
I had decided on making the replacement cable a dark red and found some "paracord" on eBay in the right colour and in two different thicknesses, one for the two wires for the right cup and one a little bigger for all four wires going from the left cup to the jack.
I gently pulled out the end of the inner paracord strand from one end whilst making sure it was also sticking out the other end of the paracord sleeve as well. I then fastened it to the two wires with heat-shrink and now I was able to work the paracord sleeve from the inner strands to the wires by stroking it gently (stop it you) whilst holding the inner strand in the opposite end of the paracord sleeve

I secured the ends of the paracord sleeve with heatshrink and was now ready to proceed to the somewhat more difficult task of winding all four wires together...

Winding four network cable wires together is not the easiest task in the world. They are twisted two and two and expanding that to make room for an additional two wires is quite cumbersome work. The wires have a tendency to tangle so I had to put eachh wire in its own bag and only work on ~30cm of wire at a time.
Winding only three wires is much easier, but I like the idea of going balanced is only a matter of a new connector rather than a complete re-cabling of the phones, so I had to try my best to get all four wires nicely wound.

This is a nice section of the wound wires. I will not show you more since it might reveal some slight inconsistencies in the windings, but with some effort the result should be quite nice and uniform!

So this is where I had gotten.

Once more I fastened the wires to the inner strands of the paracord and worked the outer sleeve over the wires.

Finally ready to put it all together again.

Last thing was soldering a headphone jack to the end of the new cable.