Takstar Pro80

Sometimes you have something good and you want to improve it (as I did with the JVC HA-RX700) and sometimes you find something is just not doing it for you and you start to wonder if you can do anything about it. I felt that way after having bought a pair of Takstar Pro 80 headphones. I somehow just felt that the sound was "off" compared to what I like so much about the JVC HA-RX900's. Since these are not OVERLY expensive headphones I decided that instead of selling them again I would try to mod them to see if I could get something MORE out of them...

Takstar Pro 80

Looking at this one might think it does not look all that shabby. Nowadays, however, it is all about swag and the all-black design left me wanting something else.
One serious shortcoming for me is the spiral cord, I brought tese to my office, but the constant pull towards the amplifier started to annoy me in about 3 seconds.

The Pro 80 do feature a stock jack plug with a nice-enough build quality about it that I thought that I might re-use it when I changed the cable. Getting the plug apart proved harder than I expected though so I ended scratching the surface to an extent where I no longer saw it fit for re-use. I suspect that someone thought it a good idea to glue it all together before screwing it together, so if anyone else tries to get the plug apart they might want to try to heat it up beforehand to soften the glue.
All in all I had an idea about what I wanted to do with this headphone:
  • Re-cable the headphone and improve aesthetics.
  • Check out what is inside this bugger.
  • Mod it as I saw fit and pray for improvements.