Gallery of the finished Panda headamp

These are all pictures of the finished amp. I DID think of painting the outer green shell, but found that I liked it just the way it is.



Front AND back!!!

Side view.

Side detail, it says "Micro System" although many think it is big considering it is "just" a headphone amplifier. Sigh...

Happy feet, these are the rubber kind.

Full frontal.

Detail of the Neutrik headphone socket.

Detail of the IEC socket and fuse holder.

Detail of the Neutrik phono sockets.

Detail of the volume knob. That it is recessed just a bit is really a sweet touch and it still handles perfectly.

LED peeking out...

...and yes, the LED works.

Side view.

Another side view.

Works great as a stand too!

Office setup per August 2011:

It consists of:
JVC HA-RX900 (with the modded HA-RX700 as backup)
Panda head amp
Soundblaster X-Fi HD Premium
Vortex2 interconnects.

I hope you enjoyed the show, feel free to drop me a mail and let me know if you liked it!