Gamma2 DAC for Dummies - Gamma2

The first step is soldering the SMD components onto your PCB. The observant few will notice that I have not soldered X1 in place in the picture below. This is not entirely on purpose... I forgot it when I made the order for the components which is why you will not see it until the final picture. If you have got it, now WOULD be a good time to solder it on!

Continue with the resistors.

Move on to the ceramic capacitors and ferrite beads.

On with the resistor networks, remember to orient them properly!

Solder the anti clipping and filter selection switches onto the board and also on with the reset manager.

Solder all remaining capacitors...

...and lastly, get the output connectors and pin headers on to the PCB. See, now even the oscillator (X1) is on there too!

Now I had both the Gamma1 and Gamma2 assembled, lying besides each other...

...and what better way to finish off an evening spent soldering than slap them on top of each other, no foreplay whatsoever! Luckily, they fit!

Now is a good time to fire it up, at least that is what I did, and sure enough, it registered on the laptop as it should and I had music!

Time to get out the case and front plates.

Sliding the finished Gamma2 in and fastening the front plates at this point was rather satisfactory. To view some pictures of the finished Gamma2, head here or continue to get the Sigma11 power supply built.