Beta22 HeadAmp for Dummies

This is a work in progress, this article is by no means complete yet!
Oh dear, I am back again with another project, this time around I will go about it a little different since I have not even started up the soldering iron yet. As you might have guessed I recently sat about wondering what crazy project to undertake next and something came to my mind...
...that something went away again I pondered on only to realize that winter is approaching and that I had better find something to do during those long evenings...
"A NEW HEADAMP I MUST BUILD!" I thought to myself and placed myself in front of the computer to see what exciting projects are available.
Well, the Beta22 caught my eyes and I thought "why not build what is by many considered to be one of the worlds finest headphone amps?". Basically that is where I am now, I am trying hard to figure out the total cost of some different versions of the Beta22 to choose which one to build.
Four versions are currently being considered:
2-channel passive ground, because I am a cheapskate and this version will be within reach of many head-fi'ers!
3-channel active ground, since it just might be worth it, and it is still not overly expensive.
4-channel fully balanced, as I am thinking "What the hell, why not just go all the way?".
4-channel fully balanced BetaMAX version with all the bells and whistles since somtimes you do crazy things...

Here is the spreadsheet I used for tracking what components I needed to buy for the project. It is by no means complete, but at least it tells you what core components I used!
Beta22 configurator (it is in the Open Document Format, so I guess something like Libreoffice is needed to open it).

Parts selection


This will be at the heart of this project, the Beta22.


The Sigma22 was chosen as power supply as it complements the Beta22 design nicely.