Projects Overview

Headphone amplifiers (HeadAmps)


The renowned Beta22, this powerhouse has brought me joy no matter what headphones I have connected. I went for a 3-channel solution (active ground).

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The Panda headphone amplifier is very well-spoken of so of course I decided to build one myself. It offers very good sound at a reasonable price.

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This article goes through assembling a cMoyBB which is another variant of the cMoy design featuring a bass boost. This one I built to take with me on-the-go.

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M3 - Evolved

My latest and greatest installment of the famous M3 Headphone Amplifier.

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M3 - A Second Take

A fellow headfier had gotten stuck with his project, I decided to lend a hand making a case!

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The M^3 was the first Headphone amp I ever built, so this article is mostly pictures of the finished project.

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This is the "Lehmann Inspired Chinese Headamp". Cheap and easy for beginners.

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O2 - Objective2

Building the Objective2 headamp...

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JVC HA-RX700 Mods

Sometimes putting a little labour into a pair of cheap headphones can make them sound like a million, or maybe just make it bearable to listen to them.

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Takstar Pro 80 Modded

These are quite interesting phones, at least they became so after I modded them. This is both a re-cable and internal mods.

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DAC Projects


Sometimes good things come in a small package, the Gamma2 DAC from AMB Laboratories is one such thing.

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Possibly the smallest case for the oDAC.

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Power Amplifiers

Truepath Amplifier

Building a rather capable power amp.
That is, if 2x250W classD/T is of your interest.

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DIY shielded Interconnects

This is an article on a pair of shielded interconnects I made for my office headphone setup.

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UTP interconnects

How to make a pair of interconnects using UTP (network) cable.

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Bi-wire speaker cables

A pair of no-nonsense bi-wire speaker cables I have made.

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DIY Cable Sleeving

A short summary of ways to get cheap cable sleeving for your everyday do-it-yourself projects.

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I.C.E. (In-Car Entertainment)

Grande Punto ICE

This is an article on the install I did in my Fiat Grande Punto. It also shows how to make your headunit turn on and off with ignition!

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Peugeot 206 ICE

How to change the headunit in a Peugeot 206 and make it turn on and off with ignition.

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