Making a better cable

First step was threading the wires through the holes in the left cup. Since the strands of paracord are so tough I simply made a loop of one strand and threaded it through the rubber grommet and pulled the cable through. To prevent myself from pulling the cable through the phones I tied a knot on the cable.

I then threaded the cable for the right cup through the headband. This is easiest without the metal brace in the headband.

The metal brace is then put back into the headband.

Getting the clip back on required me to make a small indentation inside it to allow for the bigger new cable.

Although this was a bit tricky I did manage to get it right.

I then soldered the new cable's wires to the driver for the right cup...

...and went on to the left cup
After this the few steps left is just a reverse of taking it all apart. Once this was done I was able to finally enjoy my newest creation...