oDAC - A better case (makes the world a better place)

This is a work in progress, this article is by no means complete yet!
Having bought the oDAC (as well as the O2) one quickly realizes that it either comes with no case or something quite generic and, more often than not, something visually appalling (just like most standard cases I have seen for the O2.
Well, I set out to do something about it and make myself something rather small, but still goodlooking, at least to my own taste compared by the (commercially) available alternatives.

Well, the donor is a 2,5" external SATA case (because it says so on it). I bought on eBay. These are dirt cheap compared to barebones extruded aluminum electronics cases that seem to cost quite a bit more. Well, this just goes to prove that if you are a cheapskate like me you might have luck finding what you need by extending your search beyond the obvious.

I quickly tore the end piece out and aligned the components to get an idea if this was going to work at all. I was lucky this time...

I carefully measured the approximate locations of the input and output. The output hole I drilled, but the input I had to cut with my multitool and finish off by filing the plastic piece to a (close) fit.

I then made a first test fitting and it seemed OK to proceed.

Since the case was made for a harddrive and not the oDAC it was quite long compared to my needs, so once more I had to rely on my multitool to cut it quite a bit shorter.

Next came drilling new side holes to hold the back plate in place and finish off with a taper to make it look nice. The rough edges were filed off to avoid me cutting myself.

...and finally I was ready for the final test fit. Whereas some of you might think I used the ruler to stuff everything into the case that is not the case, the ruler is simply there to give an idea of the size of this thing.

Phew, everything fit inside with just a few millimetres to spare.
Aww, I am still working on that last paint job to get the finish I want to, but alas, I have not had the time yet. Feel free to check back later if you want though!