O2 - Solderin' Time

This is a work in progress, this article is by no means complete yet!

Time had come to start up the soldering iron and since I already had a plan laid out for the mounting sequence it all seemed a no-brainer.

On with the resistors.
Do take note that I did not solder on R17, R19, R21 and R23 since I wanted to be able to change the gain resistors

The diodes were soldered to the board.

Next came the lower profile capacitors.

Time to get those receptacles in place!

I do not normally like to show closeups of crappy handywork from my side, but I feel I am not entirely the cause of this, the receptacles were too close together to allow for pretty placing. They will hold the resistors in place just fine though.

The last capacitors were soldered to the PCB

I now mounted the front panel components. The AC power inlet socket should be mounted as close to the front panel as possible (as I have read that the power jack might be a tad too short).

Lastly I soldered the MOSFETs and the voltage regulators onto the board.