O2 HeadAmp for Dummies

This is a work in progress, this article is by no means complete yet!
Todays project is the highly highly acclaimed and much debated O2, the Objective2 headamp.

Parts selection


This is the standard O2 configuration. I bought a complete kit that came with a variety of gain resistors and receptacles to make it easier to change them.
  • Probably THE headphone amplifier
  • Well documented
  • Lousy layout of connectors
  • Shrouded in fan-boyism
Since I bought a complete kit and since there are seemingly multiple sellers you components may vary from those you see on my pictures. This MIGHT be perfectly fine...


Since this build was intended for office use I wanted an easy way of getting sound from my laptop. Therefore it made sense to go for the oDAC.
Note that the oDAC goes into the space where you would normally put the batteries, so by opting for the oDAC I would have to power the O2 with an external power supply!

Power Supply

The power supply I got with my kit was just a very standard (seemingly cheap-ass) one that output 17VAC.


Being a lazy-ass I decided to get my kit with a case made for it, so don't expect to see craftmanship on the level of my Beta22. I have to say that the front plates look a little on the cheap side when compared to those I got for the Gamma2 DAC. Particularly disturbing is the fact that apparently the O2's volume only goes to "6" which seems very subpar when compared to my Beta22 that I made to "GO TO ELEVEN"!