No-nonsense bi-wire speaker cables

Todays project will be a couple of Bi-Wire speaker cables.
As always, one should weigh killer looks and voodoo quite highly which is why my current cables should prove hard to surpass. Lets take a look at the darlings...

I am sorry I don't showcase the entire cable, instead I've made this picture to show how the music is actually TOLD which way to pass through the cable. Oh, and not only music will pass it seams, since Tara Labs indicate that these beauties will also let BOTH "SPACE & TIME" pass, though only in the indicated direction (I guess). The cable is the hallowed "Phase III" by aforementioned Tara Labs. On the side of the cable is written:

"Phase III/TFA Speaker Cable with Temporal Frequency Accelerator TARA Labs, Inc. U.S. Pat. No. 5033091 Other U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending --> --> --> --> --> --> -->"

WOW you must be thinking, as did I when I got these for free when I bought a pair of speakers second-hand. How on earth would one make something to compete with these???
Actually this cable seems to be made of 7 solid-core strands of copper terminated in one end with some run-of-the-mill can-be-had-on-eBay-for-next-to-nothing-from-HongKong banana plugs.
Well, time to start wreaking havoc!
For this project I decided to solely rely on the old concept of "Cross-sectional area". Whilst by no means as fancy as a "Temporal Frequency Accelerator" I decided to give it a try anyways...
I quickly gathered a few components I had laying about...

Oh, yes... Make no mistake, those banana plugs ARE "run-of-the-mill can-be-had-on-eBay-for-next-to-nothing-from-HongKong banana plugs" and I admit it. They are some of the better ones though, as I have tried several with warying degrees of luck. The heat-shrink is also quite standard and the cable is no-name multi-strand 2x2,50mm^2 cross-sectional area.
Since this is one of my minor projects I shall not give you many pictures, but you will get a few...

Working our way from right to left the easy steps for making a cable like this are:
1: Cut the cable to the length you need.
2: Strip the wires.
3: Fasten the banana plugs.
4: Apply your GREEN heatshrink.
5: Fasten the outer shell to your plug
6: Repeat for all ends.

The grey heatshrink will allow me to put arrows on the cable to keep music from going in the wrong direction unless that will be violating any of the patents held by cable manufacturers. I might be inclined to write other stuff on the cables as well, but do I sincerely think it will affect the cables audible performance? Soundwise I don't hear any degradation when comparing with the PhaseIII/TFA cable and visually I think they are both equally appalling to behold. Fear not though, as I have already ordered some nifty cable sleeving to elevate the audible performance of my DIY cable. I might update with new pics (that's short for "pictures" you dumbasses) in case I remember.

Umm, many might be thinking I must be half deaf or something since I dare utter that I hear no particular difference in the sound from the two cables, or that my stereo cannot reveal the subtle differences. You may or may not be right on this one, but for now these cables will be replacing the PhaseIII/TFA's...

Should anyone be interested in the PhaseIII/TFA's I will part with them for an insane amount of money as I will not be giving away my "space & time"-accelerating beauties cheap. Bids are welcome though!