DIY Cable Sleeving

Hmm, as many of you have probably found out, I'm a cheapskate or, well, maybe I just prefer making my own stuff instead of paying a shitload of money for brand name stuff that may or may not be better than what I can achieve myself.
Do not pretend that you don't aknowledge the fact that KILLER LOOKS ENHANCE SOUND QUALITY.

The Luggage Elastics trick...

This is a rather neat one as luggage elastics can be had a multiple of places for almost no money at all. I found this at the local "Home Depot" and thought to myself "try it" so I did. What makes this so fabulous is the fact it actually somes with 4 (four) colours (well, mine did anyway) making it perfect for your 7.1 surround interconnects (umm, you DO have 7.1 right?). Let us get started...

This is what I purchased, apart from the green pair that I had already torn apart when it occured to me that "HEY, I might be on to something, GO GET THE CAMERA".

Start by removing the hooks, you could put them aside for a DIY NINJA GRAPPLING HOOK though I would not advise you to.

Now you should have both end looking like this, several rubber strands running along the inside of your sleeving.

Pull them out gently, one at a time holding the sleeving at the opposite end. Oh, and make sure to let go of the strand you are pulling or it will snap and you will curse since now it will take a FRIGGIN' long time to get out.

If done properly you should now have some more accessories for the aforementioned DIY NINJA GRAPPLING HOOK, good luck on loosing enough weight to keep your contraption from snapping under your weight... Toss the shit in the trashcan and move on.

You should now have something like this.

Yup, that is approximately 1m of fancy-ass cable sleeving just waiting for you to put something in it.

Repeat for the remaining elastics and WHOOP THERE IT IS!


Shoelaces make excellent cable sleeves and I have used them for a pair of UTP interconnects amongs other things.
Shoelaces come in a variety of colours and materials and I am not going to lecture you on which will be better for this and that, I choose based on the application and what is available at the moment to achieve those KILLER LOOKSZORZ!

These I found cheap and they are Nylon laces. These are rather dull looking but you may find some very colourful ones on eBay or locally.

These are the shoestore's finest, they are cotton and as you can read in the DIY UTP interconnects article they will really make your homemade cables stand out.

"Tile" string...

I will not pretend I know the correct english word for this string type, but it is used when laying tiles in your new bathroom or whereever to kep the same distance between tiles. Basically it is a plastic sleeve with some reinforcing string inside.

Get the length you need (plus some) and simply pull out the inner string.

That is really all there is to it. Above you can see the braided sleeve.

One thing to notice is that since this string is very strong so the sleeve is very thick and will not allow for thick wires. Actually the biggest one of these (the blue one) didn't even allow me to get 2 pairs of UTP cable inside (for a headphone recabling project), so be advised!