Beta22 - Headamp for dummies

So, I have finally decided to take on building the mighty Beta22? First step will be to do the soldering...

...and the first step of soldering is getting all those low-profile components in place:
  • R30, R31 (Wire jumpers)
  • D1, D2, D5-D10 (zener diodes)
  • CR1-CR8 (current regulator diodes)
  • R1-R29, R32, R33 (resistors)
  • D11, D12 (rectifier diodes)
  • C1-C5 (multilayer ceramic capacitors)
Remember to mount diodes correctly, the current regulator mounting scheme can be seen in the above picture.

Continue with the slightly higher components:
  • R34, R35 (resistors)
  • Q1-Q20, Q25, Q26 (transistors)
  • Now might also be a good time to mount your onboard LED's if you want those.
Once more, take care to mount transistors Q1-Q4 correctly!

You are making good progress now, and should continue with the higher components:
  • C6-C8, C13, C14, C17, C18 (capacitors)
  • VR1-VR3 (trimpots)
  • C9-C12 (capacitors)
  • C15, C16 (capacitors)

Almost there, mount the remaining components
  • Q21-Q24 with heatsinks
If you want to use connectors for ease of assembly later, now is a good time to solder them on if you know where they should be. I soldered them on at a later time since I was a bit undecided at this time if I would just solder the wire onto the board or if I would go with connectors (also, I had no idea which of the two possible positions I would need the wires to go to in my final install.
You should now have a finished Beta22 board!